Püre Announces New Product to Sanitize Clothing in Two Minutes: PüreCouture

Ideal for fashion retailers, PüreCouture uses UV light to disinfect garments and keep retail tags intact

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Püre, a manufacturer of disinfectant products, has unveiled its latest innovation to help retailers sanitize garments. As retailer dressing rooms are at high risk for cross-contamination, PüreCouture brings consumer confidence back to the fashion retail shopping experience. The product sanitizes and freshens garments within minutes, destroying 99.9% of pathogens.

The 3.5 square foot device also offers a range of cycle options including quick sanitize to complete a cycle for small items in as little as two minutes. It can hold up to 20 garments with the combination use of hanging and rack space.

“Our team is always innovating,” said Micaela Johnston, President, and CEO of Püre. “PüreCouture gives retailers a turn-key solution to ensure employee and customer safety while abiding by best practices for serving customers. We see this as a new product with immediate needs as well as a long-term alternative to dry cleaning and manual sterilization of merchandise.”

PüreCouture is also available for in-home use as an alternative to traditional dry cleaning. Using UV-C light, vibration, and gentle steam in place of chemical treatments, the product is an attractive option for the care and maintenance of clothing, textiles, and other garments. The process is safe for the color, brightness, and care of delicate materials including silk, cashmere, and wool. The process is complete in minutes, making PüreCouture ideal between customer fittings and keeps retail tags intact with the UV light process destroying pathogens. Customers also have a choice of fragrance to customize their wardrobe and retail sales experience.

PüreCouture is available with a mirror-front for $1,999 per unit. Find more information by visiting Learn more and join the conversation about next-level clean at @purepathproducts on social; #PureCouture #cleanonanotherlevel.

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