‘Oracle Water’ with Outstanding Cleansing and Sterilizing Power Demonstrates Effect of Preventing COVID-19 in Korea

HWASEONG, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#BestPracticesPreventionEpidemics--‘Oracle Water’, produced with Oracle Water System which is a powerful epidemics prevention solution developed by MAK, demonstrated the remarkable effect of preventing COVID-19.

‘Oracle Water’ was begun to be used on March 7, 2020 as sterilizing water in Daegu, Korea. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city decreased from 390 on March 7 when the sterilizing water was begun to be used to 297 cases on March 8, 190 cases on March 9 and to 32 cases on March 17, showing a reduction by 91.7%.

Developed by MAK leveraging 11 related patents to cope with the emergence of variants of harmful viruses, ‘Oracle Water’ provides outstanding sterilizing effects as ozone is dissolved in nano-micro bubble in water, and it shows dissolution rate of 70%, the highest rate in the world. Unlike chemical disinfectants, it is eco-friendly and can be applied to wide areas as ozone is decomposed into oxygen molecules in water.

“The most important task now is to prevent epidemics that can rapidly eradicate Coronavirus,” said Byung Joon Chun, President of MAK. “As it provides 6~7 times* stronger sterilizing power compared to other disinfectants, Oracle Water can rapidly prevent epidemics. And sterilization effect of Oracle Water was already recognized by removing anthrax bacteria and H1N1 viruses.”

As it acquired 2 patent rights in the United States for sterilizing effects of ozone water, the Oracle Water System is widely recognized with its unique technology for sterilizing rapidly and efficiently by maintaining sterilization effect for 24 hours and showing excellent catalyst effect.

Oracle Water can be used in areas with heavy traffic of people, such as streets, parks, and urban lakes and densely populated commercial facilities like airports, factories, and shopping centers, as well as living places including schools, hospitals, and apartments.

Having concluded a contract with GW in China, a disinfection service company designated by Hangzhou city government, to supply 18 units of Oracle Water System, MAK is scheduled to ship the systems at the end of March.

“We are frequently receiving inquiries from countries impacted by COVID-19. Together with employees, we are concentrating efforts on manufacturing Oracle Water Systems, day and night, to help countries getting over COVID-19 across the world,” added Byung Joon Chun.

After having strived to develop plasma technology since its establishment in 2004, MAK produces plasma technology-adopted equipment that can be applied to a range of areas, including semiconductor, display, healthcare and beauty treatment as well as to textile and waste disposal. In particular, MAK first developed in the world the technology of generating plasma in CDA Chamber, and it is supplying plasma devices to BOE in China. Having successfully developed USC technology for the third time in the world, the company is supplying it to BOE, Tianma, Jintuo, and Etmade in China and HIRATA in Japan. Possessing proprietary patent rights for vacuum plasma equipment for MLCC, the company is exclusively supplying the equipment to Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and it is working closely with multiple companies in Korea, including Samsung Electronics and LG Display. MAK owns a variety of product lines, including vacuum Descum equipment for wafer and plasma for processing curved touch screen panel (TSP) used for vehicles. The company is funneling research resources into nano textile equipment targeting the nano textile market and environment protection equipment to explore the wastewater treatment market.

*Source: Kim So-yeon (2001) ‘Studies on the Disinfection of Bacteria by Ozonization’, Inha University, Korea, p12~14


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