Oracle Digital Sales Teams Leverage Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

New report from Nucleus Research highlights benefits of Oracle’s sales training and deployment of CRM tools

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nucleus Research has published a research note showing Oracle has adapted to new technologies to cultivate a digital sales team that efficiently navigates the landscape of informed, tech-savvy customers.

A Nucleus analyst recently spent the day with Oracle’s Digital Sales group for Customer Experience (CX) in Santa Monica, California, studying how the office, comprised mainly of millennials, capitalizes on its digital natives to better use, understand, and explain the value of new technologies to drive sales.

A key takeaway was how the Digital Sales teams leverage technology to be more efficient and successful in closing deals. The team utilizes tools that enable them to cater to specific customers quickly and effectively, and thus maintain stronger relationships with their customers. These tools include one that helps with territory planning and go-to-market, an ROI assessment tool, and a quote-generation tool that allows reps to input the configuration of products in a deal and returns a complete quote within minutes.

Nucleus also observed how the sales reps are able to convey a value message to customers of all leadership levels over multiple channels. They get to know the key performance indicators that their customers wish to improve, and tailor their suggestions to address these. Their “farming” approach to sales, shifting from traditional sales techniques, aims to steadily introduce Oracle into customer ecosystems as they become more cognizant of the value that Oracle solutions provide. By expanding the sales conversations to include not only company leadership and decision makers, but also lower-level employees who will be using the technologies, Oracle Digital Sales reps can now shape a more effective value-message by better understanding the customer’s needs.

Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research, found that “By identifying the opportunity and aligning the digital sales strategy with the skills and attitudes of its next-generation sales representatives, Oracle shows it is able to pivot and stay agile in a changing marketplace.”

Highlights in the research include:

  • Increased connectivity to customers
  • Shorter lead time for closing deals
  • Shared peer experience and knowledge in an open office

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