Omniscent announces the Omni-2100, a portable, autonomous, and continuous real-time air quality monitor for BTX gases

New VOC analyzer improves workflow, provides 1 ppb level detection with speciation, and simplifies setup and deployment

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Omniscent Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based air quality monitoring solutions, is announcing their next generation VOC analyzer, the Omni-2100, for measuring BTX gases. The Omni-2100 was developed to streamline workflows and reduce operational costs, provide continuous real-time monitoring for faster and more informed decision making, and have a 1 ppb level of detection with speciation.

Ease of Use, High Data Accessibility

The Omni-2100’s highly integrated system design coupled with its user interface allows the system to be setup in less than 15 minutes. Cloud-based connectivity via cellular or Wi-Fi enables the VOC analyzer to be remotely managed, monitored, and provide 24-hour data access to users worldwide. The instrument can be deployed individually or networked with multiple analyzers to monitor the perimeter of a site and create a real-time pollution map.

Portability, Numerous Use Cases

The autonomous VOC analyzer can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The instrument’s small foot print (7.46 in. x7.46 in. x 11.46 in.) and light weight (10.5 lb.) allows customers to integrate it on mobile and stationary platforms including drones for aerial measurements.

The Omni-2100 feature set, remote management capability, and 24-hour data access make it an ideal solution for a variety of use cases requiring air quality monitoring: oil & gas refineries, fuel dispensing facilities, urban and rural communities, seaports, wastewater treatment, and industrial sites.

Cost Effective Solution, SaaS Model

The Omni-2100 utilizes in-system data processing to reduce time to result and data transmission costs, eliminates the need for a field operator, and uses ambient air to eliminate the cost and complexity of using carrier gas.

Customers can purchase the Omni-2100 as a standalone instrument or select a Sensing as a Service (SaaS) model. SaaS is ideal for customers that need flexibility and do not have the necessary resources to manage the instruments.

Industry Conference Exhibition

Omniscent will be participating in the Gulf Coast Conference in Galveston, Texas on October 15th and 16th. The Omni-2100 will be displayed at our booth (#1117). We will also participate in a presentation session on how our MEMS technology and continuous real-time analytics are ushering in a new era of VOC monitoring.

About Omniscent

Omniscent Inc. is a leading provider of air quality monitoring solutions. Our vision is to enhance human and planetary health. Our mission is to help eliminate human health risks associated with exposure to carcinogenic VOCs. Our air quality monitoring solutions are ideal for a number of industries and use cases: urban and rural communities, industrial, transportation, energy, oil & gas refineries, medical facilities, wastewater treatment, and petrochemical. For more information, please visit


Zack Mihalis
Vice President, Business Development
Omniscent Inc.