NY Times Hires New Startup, VC Reporter

Erin Griffith is joining The New York Times. (Photo: Bill Wadman)

The New York Times has hired Erin Griffith to cover start-ups and venture capital. She will be based in San Francisco.

Erin has been a senior writer at Wired since last year, covering tech companies and tech trends. She was previously a senior writer at Fortune, where she reported on start-ups and venture capital, edited a newsletter called Term Sheet, wrote columns and co-chaired the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference. She has also written for, Adweek and peHub, among other publications.

At Fortune, she co-wrote a 2015 cover story putting the trend of “unicorn” start-ups, which are privately valued at $1 billion or more, in perspective. Another cover story in 2016 delved into the race between Silicon Valley and Detroit over the future of driverless cars. More recently at Wired, she chronicled how the tide turned against tech in an incisive December column, how the bad boys of tech always manage to come back, and topics such as blockchain and a Viagra start-up.

Erin is originally from Ottawa, OH and is a graduate of Ohio University.

She starts next month for The New York Times and will be moving from Brooklyn to San Francisco.