NICE Announces the New Generation of Interaction Analytics with AI-Based Anomaly Discovery and Correction

Cutting-edge unsupervised machine learning powers fast time to insight and real-time action to provide a superior customer experience

HOBOKEN, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced that its analytics offering now includes cutting-edge AutoDiscovery capabilities. Leveraging AI-based unsupervised machine learning, these capabilities provide organizations with cross-channel insights on service anomalies and surfaces areas that are customer pain points. As a result, organizations can swiftly remedy issues as they emerge, improving customer experiences and loyalty.

Available as a cloud-based add-on module to version 12.2 of Nexidia Analytics, the innovative AutoDiscovery features bring to the forefront insights that are critically tied to the business and customer loyalty without time-consuming manual discovery and categorization processes. Ground-breaking unsupervised machine learning capabilities highlight phrases that indicate customer dissatisfaction via easy to visualize sentiment and volume indicators for each topic and phrase. AutoDiscovery automatically correlates topics and highlights trends in phrases and topics so that organizations can quickly, and with minimal effort, understand the full picture and take immediate corrective action to address anomalies and resolve issues. The result is improved customer experience.

NICE Nexidia’s AutoDiscovery capabilities deliver the following features to boost customer loyalty:

  • Automatic Topic Identification suggests topics for a set of media based on all available data, without the need for human intervention. This ensures new, emerging and existing topics are consistently analyzed and always up-to-date Topics are automatically correlated and can be filtered by volume, sentiment, Average Handle Time, Non-talk Time, or Cross-talk Analysis, providing the ability to easily view topics by desired metrics and accelerating the time to insight.
  • Anomaly Detection surfaces lower volume or newly trending issues that could be of great importance to the business but would otherwise not be detected due to their relatively small volumes. This helps businesses respond quickly to early warning signs of trending issues as well as unexpected anomalies.
  • Query Coverage Analysis enables quick and easy identification of topics that are not currently covered by existing call topic query libraries. By discovering topic areas that should be included in the library, companies can continually gauge the robustness of their query library and use Automatic Topic Identification to update the library as needed.

The AutoDiscovery capabilities also empower managers and agents with timely and targeted feedback, aiding analytics-driven quality management programs in finding new coaching opportunities and calibrating performance metrics much faster than ever before.

“With NICE’s newly announced AutoDiscovery capabilities, organizations no longer need to look for the needle in a haystack of data when it comes to understanding how to best serve their customers”, Barry Cooper, President, NICE Enterprise Product Group, said. “Organizations can now rely on our analytics solutions to surface trending service areas and take quick action."

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