NBC Bay Area Partners With Waze


wazebaySAN JOSE –– NBC Bay Area / KNTV said it will join “Waze for Broadcasters.”

Powered by Waze, Google’s mobile social traffic and navigation app helps deliver the most accurate local traffic conditions. As a “Waze for Broadcasters” partner, NBC Bay area will be able to access Waze’s live map of users on the road to deliver real-time road reports based on live feedback from Waze’s community of Bay Area drivers who are automatically beaming back reports of their location and velocity at any given time, even on roads where traffic sensors are not available. Having access to Waze’s crowdsourced information will help NBC Bay Area report up-to-the-minute on-air traffic reports to help viewers save commuting time.

“The Bay Area is one of the most traffic congested areas in the nation and our viewers spend a large part of their days driving to and from work,” said Stephanie Adrouny, Vice President of News for NBC Bay Area. “The information provided by Waze’s community of local drivers will help us deliver the most accurate traffic information to help our viewers decide if highways or local streets are the way to go. From construction or road closures to rush hour congestion, we’ll now be able to report on any traffic delay the moment it happens.”

As a “Waze for Broadcasters” partner, NBC Bay Area will have access to a suite of intelligence tools to enhance on-air reporting with information that is powered by Waze real-time data. As a Waze partner, the station will have access to:

  1. Real-Time Traffic Insights: NBC Bay Area will be able to instantly inform viewers of unusual traffic conditions as “Wazers” experience them and share user photos, comments and reports directly from accidents and incidents to enhance bigger stories;
  2. Dynamic Routes: Traffic reporters will be able to provide main and alternative routes directly to viewers, as well as drive times on the fly from any start point to any destination in a quick, visual way; and
  3. NBC Bay Area Waze Team: Viewers will be able to join the station’s “Wazer” team that is accessible within the Waze app, to help contribute to the station’s live traffic reports on its daily newscasts.

“Waze was founded on the belief that we can outsmart traffic together,” said Mona Weng, Global Strategic Partnerships Manager at Waze. “Waze provides anchors with the most accurate view of road conditions today which helps them to deliver faster routes and alerts of traffic, real-time road closures and emergency incidents that may impact a commute. Waze’s traffic intelligence tools will provide NBC Bay Area with unprecedented free access to our data to quickly and effectively analyze traffic in the Bay.

Viewers can join the “NBC Bay Area Wazers” team by selecting “NBC Bay Area Wazers” in the “Teams” section within the Waze App.

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