Mindstrong Health Rounds Up $14 Million


PALO ALTOMindstrong Health, a startup transforming the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders through the power of AI and ubiquitous mobile technology, has secured a $14 million round of Series-A funding. Led by Foresite Capital and ARCH Venture Partners, the round included participation from Optum Ventures, Berggruen Holdings and the One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund. The investment will be used to build Mindstrong’s technology and clinical operations team to support large-scale research and development.

“All modern medicine is based on objective measurement, yet tracking mental health has been limited to subjective reports in a clinical environment,” said Dr. Paul Dagum, founder and CEO of Mindstrong Health. “To improve outcomes for people with mental disorders, we need the kind of objective measures we have for other chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Mindstrong’s technology delivers continuous, objective measures of behavior and cognition at a level of resolution and insight that has never been possible.”

Established in 2014, Mindstrong is redefining how behavior is measured through its patented breakthrough science that transforms the patterns of interaction on a smartphone into objective measures of brain function. Based on four years of intensive clinical research, the platform delivers real-time, continuous digital biomarkers of mood and cognition, including measures of processing speed, attention, memory and executive function.

“What excites me about Mindstrong is the transformation of an individual’s patterns of typing or scrolling on a smartphone into precise measures of cognitive function,” said Dr. Tom Insel, co-founder and President of Mindstrong Health. “This new, powerful approach to assessment serves as the foundation for developing better interventions to improve mental health care. Mental disorders are global health problems. With smartphones we have a potential global solution.”

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