Melanie McFaddin with Wiley Bros. – Aintree Capital, LLC Represents Object Partners in its Acquisition by Improving Enterprises

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Melanie McFaddin, Representative of Wiley Bros. – Aintree Capital, LLC, is pleased to announce its representation of Object Partners, Inc. (“OPI”) in its acquisition by Improving Enterprises, Inc. (“Improving”), a Trinity Hunt portfolio company.

Improving is a full-service technology consulting and training firm focused in Agile, Microsoft.NET and Java technologies with an international presence comprising 11 offices across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. OPI, which is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN with a satellite office in Omaha, NE provides custom software development, web and mobile app development, platform engineering, modern APIs, and real-time data architecture. OPI’s experience also extends to Amazon Web services as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, event streaming architectures and cloud solutions.

The transaction will increase Improving's annualized revenue by about $45 million in 2020 and will successfully continue Improving's “Enterprise Strategy,” an innovative business strategy that focuses on merging technology service companies that share a commitment to building trust, delivering excellence, and cultivating culture.

“Ms. McFaddin was instrumental in marketing OPI and in advising and supporting us throughout the entire process. She approached the project not only with a strong knowledge of the industry, its players and its deal valuation and structural parameters, but also with creativity–all of which was instrumental in achieving our goals and objectives,” said Chris Spurgat, President and CEO of OPI. “Her personal dedication and integrity made her a perfect partner for someone looking to achieve a successful outcome.”

About Melanie McFaddin and Wiley Bros. – Aintree Capital, LLC

Wiley Bros. – Aintree Capital, LLC, is a 75-year-old firm located in Nashville, TN. Over the last 75 years the firm has focused on investment brokerage and underwriting municipal bonds for utility districts in the state of Tennessee. Ms. McFaddin has spent the last approximate 25 years in M&A working for entrepreneurs who own middle-market companies that provide IT staffing, consulting and solutions; management consulting; digital transformation; IT and HR MSP/BPO; professional staffing; and the software toolsets that touch these spaces. She is a licensed Series 79 investment banker who possesses both a BBA and an MBA from the Bauer College of Business at The University of Houston. Please visit or for more information.


Melanie McFaddin
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