Mediphore’s PIPCO Technology—A Timely Solution for Cures Act Compliance

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#CuresRuleONC--The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued two rules that give patients unprecedented access to their medical data, placing increased demands on health-care entities. Medical organizations that fail to comply with these policies within the coming months may face significant monetary and legal penalties. With its Process Interoperability Platform (PIPCO) technology, Mediphore, Inc. is primed to help health-care providers satisfy the new government requirements.

The new HHS rules call for health-care entities—whether they be providers, developers of health information technology, or health information exchanges—to securely share health information with patients and any other parties, preventing certain information blocking practices by some of these organizations. The main goal of these policies is to ensure that medical data is more accessible and usable for all participants in health-care processes. The HHS hopes to foster a high degree of interoperability within the health-care industry through its new rules.

Mediphore’s patented Process Interoperability Platform (PIPCO) is specifically designed to safely and securely facilitate the medical process interactions outlined in the new HHS rules. The company’s technology can be deployed at a very low cost without disrupting current health-care systems. Mediphore thus provides the perfect solution for health-care providers striving to be Cures Act compliant. The interoperable nature of PIPCO will also help the HHS achieve its policy objectives. Most importantly, with Mediphore, patients should expect an improved health-care experience.

“Mediphore’s platform allows health-care providers to be Cures Act compliant at an extremely low cost,” said Nandu Narayanan, CEO at Mediphore. “It is designed to work with current health-care systems without disruption and allows providers and other participants to devise solutions appropriate for their needs. Our technology allows for the incremental transformation of health-care processes for better interoperability and greater process efficiency. It can help bring about a more cost-effective and responsive health-care system for all participants, especially patients.”

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