Legacybox Named as One of the Hottest Gifts This Valentine’s Day by the TODAY Show

Editors on the TODAY Show selected Legacybox’s digitizing services as personal and unique gift for anyone you are shopping for this Valentine’s Day on its February Hot List

CHATANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Legacybox, the world’s largest mail-in solution for digitizing home videos and photos, has been selected by the TODAY Show as one of the hottest gifts this February.

Editors from the TODAY show independently select item to be featured on its February Hot list. Their intent was to provide viewers with outside the box, exciting and thoughtful gifts to go with over simply defaulting to chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s Day.

The list featured bestsellers and the most in-demand, unique gifts of the moment. Legacybox was one of only eight featured this month in the special Valentine’s Day theme.

Meena Duerson, editorial director of the TODAY Show, said, “This is a really sweet gift. It takes advantage of Nostalgia trends and personalization.”

After a record breaking 2019 where the company surpassed 750,000 customers, the Legacybox team of professionals safely digitize each photograph or video by hand, providing personalized updates at every step of the process. When an order is completed, customers receive the original media back, along with the digitized copies of their choosing (thumb drive, the cloud or DVDs). Throughout its national growth, Legacybox has maintained a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

Each Legacybox kit includes a step-by-step welcome and instruction guide, safety barcodes for every item and a prepaid UPS® shipping label. Once it is filled, it is a simple as dropping Legacybox off at a UPS® location.

To learn more about Legacybox, and to get your gift for a loved one this Valentine’s day, visit legacybox.com.

About Legacybox:

Legacybox is an innovative and secure, mail-in solution for digitizing your invaluable, antiquated media. Legacybox has pioneered an industry standard for digitizing millions of invaluable memories, combining experiences of the past, with the technology of today, to make it easy and safe to insure and share recorded moments for generations to come. As the largest digitizing company in the world, the brand has been trusted by museums, universities, governments, and now over 750,000 families across America to convert their priceless aging tapes, film and pictures into digital keepsakes that are ready to watch, share and enjoy on-demand.


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Jillian Metzger