InsightRX Nabs $10 Million Series A

SAN FRANCISCO — InsightRX, a developer of a precision dosing medicine platform, has closed a $10 million Series A funding led by HealthX Ventures, with participation from Rock Health, OSF Healthcare, Leawood Venture Capital, Premier Inc., and earlier investor GreatPoint Ventures.

InsightRX will use the funding to broaden its therapeutic areas and provide additional hospitals and pharmaceutical companies with access to its innovative technology. Since its founding in 2015, InsightRX has raised more than $13 million.

The company’s cloud-based precision dosing platform, InsightRX Nova, seamlessly integrates with hospital electronic health record (EHR) systems and enables clinicians to individualize medication dosing regimens at the bedside. InsightRX leverages patient-specific data, quantitative pharmacology models, and Bayesian forecasting to understand each patient’s pharmacological profile to guide treatment decisions. The quantitative pharmacology models are continuously improved over time using real-world clinical data and human-assisted artificial intelligence processes that leverage the team’s deep pharmacology expertise and various machine learning and modeling techniques. Currently, InsightRX Nova optimizes treatment across more than 100 drug and therapeutic areas, including oncology and infectious disease.

Additionally, with the aggregated analytics provided by InsightRX Apollo, hospitals and care teams are able to improve treatment responses and discover novel factors that impact drug efficacy and toxicity. The Nova and Apollo platforms are used by more than a hundred healthcare institutions and life science companies throughout the US and Europe.

“The future of healthcare relies on individualizing therapy and improving patient outcomes by providing clinicians with tools to make better treatment decisions,” said Sirj Goswami, co-founder and CEO of InsightRX. “Our platform individualizes dosing at the point of care and establishes a data-driven framework to continuously learn about treatment effectiveness—and the underlying factors influencing drug response.”

This past March, InsightRX partnered with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) to bring precision dosing to clinicians, with the company incorporating CHLA’s technology into its Nova platform.

“Precision dosing allows us to best achieve optimal therapeutic targets for each patient. This is especially important for many medications used in hospitalized infants and children who have highly variable concentrations after standard dosing—concentrations often below or above what is considered safe and effective,” said Dr. Michael Neely, Chief of Infectious Disease at CHLA. “As such, it is important to account for individual patient characteristics to maximize the chances of treatment success while minimizing toxicity.”