Ingram Micro Furthers Effort to Reduce Environmental Impact of E-Waste

Organization’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Team Implements Waste Compensation Program

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#FutureEarth--Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services, leveraging its industry-leading ITAD services, today announced a commitment to waste-neutral disposal of its employee notebooks sold on the secondary market. The initiative strengthens the organization’s responsible recycling program, which also includes a commitment to the global e-Stewards certification process, ensuring the highest industry standard of ITAD services to its clients worldwide.

In recent years, Ingram Micro has made significant investments in its ITAD services. A core benefit of these services is the ability to extend the lifespan of IT assets and ensure responsible recycling of IT devices. In addition to supporting ITAD needs for global customers, Ingram Micro leverages its own services to process employee notebooks once they are decommissioned.

The lifespan of employee notebooks is extended through secondary market sales; however, Ingram Micro cannot ensure that they are disposed responsibly at end-of-life. To compensate, Ingram Micro has enrolled Closing the Loop, a sustainable solution provider that extracts electronic waste from developing countries and ensures that it is responsibly recycled, to remove the phone weight-equivalent of its employee notebooks from e-waste streams. As a result, an estimated 12,000 phones will be diverted.

“As an industry leader in reverse logistics and ITAD services, it is important to act responsibly and try to compensate for e-waste beyond our control. Working with Closing the Loop to compensate for the impact of our employee notebooks is an additional positive step in our ongoing effort to raise awareness and change the way electronics are handled after initial use,” said Todd Zegers, vice president of reverse logistics & ITAD, Ingram Micro. “As affiliates of the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling, we’re also working with industry leaders and the U.S. government on legislation to help drive more recycling within U.S. borders, rather than exporting devices overseas where we can’t ensure responsible recycling and waste disposal.”

Ingram Micro is also examining how to reduce global e-waste streams more significantly by enabling other organizations to leverage Closing the Loop’s services. The relationship also supports UN sustainable development goal #12, targeting responsible consumption and production.

About Ingram Micro ITAD

Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services’ ITAD group is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise IT asset disposition (ITAD), lifecycle support services, onsite data destruction, IT asset repair and reuse, and e-waste recycling services. Our services and processes reduce the risk, cost, and complexity associated with securely managing IT assets throughout their lifecycle in compliance with environmental and data security regulations.

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About Closing the Loop

Founded in 2012 by Joost de Kluijver, Closing the Loop offers users, buyers and sellers of IT Hardware an easy way to engage in sustainable consumption for their devices. The award-winning social enterprise developed an NGO supported service known as waste-compensation. It collects African scrap phones on behalf of customers. By recycling e-waste on their behalf, CTL compensates the waste-footprint of its customers' devices. CTL works with and rewards local communities for safely and effectively reducing global e-waste. Learn more at


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