GoGuardian and the Psychology of Technology Institute Announce Collaboration to Assess Technology’s Impact on K-12 Education

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GoGuardian, a leading education technology SaaS provider, today announced a partnership with the Psychology of Technology Institute to support and facilitate an understanding of technology’s impact on the K-12 educational journey. The partnership reflects the mission and dedication by GoGuardian and Psychology of Technology Institute to maximize students’ learning potential and improve the human-technology relationship.

Technology is integrated into every facet of people’s lives. K-12 education has the potential to be transformed through the power of technology, but there is insufficient data on the overall relationship between technology and the student learning experience. Together the partners hope to uncover insights into how technology is used and can benefit the school community—students, teachers and IT administrators.

“Everyone knows that technology has been a game-changer, transforming how people live, work and interact,” said Juliana Schroeder, co-founder and co-director, of the Psychology of Technology Institute. “By collaborating with K-12 education technology leader GoGuardian, we will be able to examine how and where the educational experience is improved with the use of technology.”

In addition to this partnership, GoGuardian will be sponsoring the Psychology of Technology’s annual conference where psychology and communication leaders explore innovations and new thinking at the intersection between technology and learning.

“Our goal is to ensure that technology helps advance education. To achieve this, we need to partner with academic and research experts like Psychology of Technology Institute,” said Advait Shinde, co-founder and CEO of GoGuardian. “The purpose of their team of experts and university partners is to improve the quality of the human-technology relationship. With this partnership, we endeavor to explore the role and impact of education technology.”

To learn more about the Psychology of Technology Institute, visit: https://www.psychoftech.org/.

About The Psychology of Technology Institute

The Psychology of Technology Institute’s mission is to restore trust in the future by revolutionizing psychological science. Composed of scientists and thought leaders, the Psychology of Technology Institute builds bridges between scientific disciplines and across policy, industry, and academia to better understand and improve the human-technology relationship. Its members perform cutting-edge research on the factors that shape people and attitudes about new technologies, and how the adoption and use of these technologies transform people’s lives.

About GoGuardian

GoGuardian, the fastest-growing education company in the U.S., helps thousands of K-12 schools maximize the learning potential of every student. Its products help educators identify learning patterns, protect students from harmful and distracting content, and support mental health. With GoGuardian, educators can seamlessly manage instruction, connect students with engaging resources, and receive actionable insights into students’ individual learning needs.

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