Flipboard Update Lets Mobile Users Create Magazines


flipboardcarouselPALO ALTO Flipboard is rolling out its fourth generation experience for mobile phones with  expanded editorial features and a modern magazine look and feel that packages stories around people’s passions into Smart Magazines. Pulling from the thousands of topics as well as the sources a person follows on Flipboard, Smart Magazines are automatically filled with content relevant to a person’s specific interests. Unlike having a single news feed that mashes everything together, the new Smart Magazine structure creates a separate feed for each passion.

“The new Flipboard is all about helping people discover great stories curated by people who share a passion, including editors, influencers and fellow enthusiasts,” said Mike McCue, Flipboard’s CEO. “Smart Magazines represent a major breakthrough in how content can be personalized, curated and organized by passion, enabling us to take a new and important step toward our vision of modernizing the magazine experience for a mobile, social world.”

Prior to this release, different people reading the same topics on Flipboard, like technology or cooking, would get the same general content. Smart Magazines also allows people to deeply personalize Flipboard, making it more meaningful to their work, life or hobbies. For example, it is now possible to select technology with a focus on venture capital, drones or cloud computing. Cooking can be refined to focus on vegan or Indian cuisine. Every person can have Smart Magazines tailored to his or her interests.

Smart Magazines are built on a completely reimagined information architecture. Flipboard’s topic classifier has indexed millions of RSS feeds and billions of articles shared by the community of more than 100 million monthly active users to achieve diversity and depth in thousands of passions. Organizing articles by topic allows Smart Magazines to pull content from across the Flipboard ecosystem and surface stories according to a person’s personalization preferences.

Additionally, thought leaders on Twitter have been picked by Flipboard’s editorial team so that their tweets and stories shared on Twitter are included, adding important perspectives to each Smart Magazine. Tweets are topically indexed to ensure they appear in relevant Smart Magazines. This unique blending of curated sources, indexed content from the Flipboard community, custom editorial packages and topically organized tweets has never been done before.

Flipboard says it has more than 100 million users per month.

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