Fitbit Launches New Watch With Adidas


fitbitadidasSAN FRANCISCO — Fitbit has launched a new watch in partnership with adidas called the Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition.

The watch is the result of a partnership between the two companies first announced last year. The Fitbit Ionic is designed to help athletes of all levels improve their performance with running-specific training. The adidas edition includes all the advanced health and fitness features of Fitbit Ionic and provides a coaching experience to users through the adidas Train app, developed in collaboration with adidas, that includes six on-screen workouts aimed at improving form, power and speed.

Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition is available for presale on and select online retailers for $329.95 and will be available in stores worldwide beginning March 19, 2018, including major North American retailers Amazon, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kohl’s, Macy’s and Nordstrom. It comes with an exclusive two-tone sport band in Ink Blue and Ice Gray that is swim-ready and offers breathability for active workouts.

Other exclusive Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition features include:

  • Signature two-toned breathable sport band in Ink Blue and Ice Gray with Silver Gray aluminum case
  • Custom adidas-designed clock face inspired by the iconic race bib; available in four colors

The Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition features the adidas Train app: six on-screen run-focused workouts designed to complement any training regimen and help improve cardio, strength and flexibility. Each of the workouts are carefully constructed by a team of adidas performance experts with years of experience in movement-based training, and focus on foundational movements that have been found to help runners and athletes overall achieve their performance goals.

The adidas Train app, exclusive to Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition, provides step-by-step coaching to guide you through each series of movements to ensure you are doing it correctly. These are accessible right on your wrist and can be done anywhere/anytime, allowing you to customize the way you incorporate them into your workout routine. Workouts include:

  • Dynamic Warm Up to increase your core temperature and get your body ready to work (5 min.)
  • Power Pace to train your body to be more elastic, forceful, and efficient (10 min.)
  • Metabolic to increase your speed and boost your metabolism (15 min.)
  • Run Activation to improve your hip, core and shoulder stability (5 min.)
  • Strong Strides to build strength throughout your run (10 min.)
  • Post Run Stretch to ensure proper recovery with a fast and easy cool-down stretch (5 min.)

“As the leading global wearables brand synonymous with health and fitness, partnering with a sports industry great like adidas to develop an exclusive version of our first smartwatch provides athletes of all kinds with the ability to be their best through a unique coaching experience,” said Tim Rosa, Chief Marketing Officer of Fitbit. “The battery life of up to five days, industry-leading GPS, and advanced health and fitness features of Fitbit Ionic combined with the movement-based training methodology developed by adidas experts will offer users best in class tools designed to help them reach their performance goals.”

Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition also includes all of the advanced features from Fitbit Ionic: long battery life of up to five days, industry-leading GPS, enhanced PurePulse continuous heart rate tracking, advanced run features like Run Detect, Auto-Pause and Auto-Lap, cardio fitness level (estimated VO2 Max), water resistance to 50 meters, onboard personal music along with Pandora stations and Deezer playlists, contactless payments with Fitbit Pay, automatic activity and sleep tracking, and access to more than 400 apps and clock faces in the Fitbit App Gallery.

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