Etsy Ranks No. 1 for Online Retailer Experience


Forrester's US CX Index, 2017: Rankings Of Digital-Only Retailers (PRNewsfoto/Forrester)

Etsy was the No. 1 ranked digital retailer for customer experience according to a report by research firm Forrester. Amazon, the largest online retailer, ranked 12th.

Based on a survey of nearly 120,000 US online adult consumers, Forrester’s Customer Experience (CX) Index measures and ranks more than 300 US brands across 21 industries to identify how well a brand’s customer experience strengthens the loyalty of its customers. Of the 314 US brands ranked in 2017, 14 online retail brands were analyzed to determine how customers perceive their experiences and how CX drives loyalty.

Key findings include that:

  • Etsy is ranked the number one digital-only retailer in 2017. While its CX Index score did not increase, it jumped up from its fifth-place ranking last year due other top competitors’ scores sliding this year – including the top two brands from 2016’s rankings falling one spot each.
  • Average CX quality fell flat, with online retail scores decreasing by a single point this year. Though scores changed only minimally, brand rankings completely shuffled: the digital-only retail industry is the only industry where no brands kept the same position in the ranking as last year.
  • The top emotions that drive customer loyalty in digital-only retail are feeling confident, delighted and happy. In fact, unlike the other industries in the CX Index, feeling happy correlated with loyalty only for online retailers. Among customers who felt happy, 85% plan to spend more and 88% will advocate for the brand, which are the highest percentages across all industries for enrichment and advocacy.


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