DoorDash Launches Corporate Service

DoorDash, the nation’s leading food delivery service, announced a new program for businesses called DoorDash for Work, which allows organizations to offer their workforce meal benefits and food perks through DoorDash. 

DoorDash for Work serves all work meal occasions for remote employees and employees who have transitioned back into the office. Meal options extend across the company’s restaurant selection on DoorDash and Caviar in the U.S. and Canada. To date, DoorDash has worked with a range of clients from Fortune 100 companies to small- and medium-sized businesses including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and schools, as well as professional service firms, technology companies and banks.

DoorDash for Work includes four different options:

DashPass for Work: This allows companies of all sizes to fund DashPass memberships for their workforce as part of their employee benefits package. DashPass is a subscription that provides unlimited free delivery fees and reduced service fees from hundreds of thousands of restaurants across DoorDash and Caviar. DashPass for Work gives employees greater access to their favorite local restaurants in their neighborhoods and alleviates the stress of meal planning and prepping during busy working hours.

A few DashPass for Work clients include Charles Schwab, Hulu, and Stanford Research Park.

Expensed Meals: Organizations can purchase and distribute DoorDash meal credits to their employees that can be used either at home or by essential employees at the office. They can be redeemed from any restaurant on DoorDash or Caviar and companies are able to set controls over how the employees are able to spend the company-sponsored budget, including day and time restrictions.

Group Orders: For essential employees who have returned to the office looking for reliable, safe, and delicious options to feed their teams, they can order a meal of their choice from a preselected restaurant, which is then aggregated into one group shopping cart and delivered all at once. From team lunches to client meetings, employees get to eat what they want. To save time and hassle, employees can also schedule these group orders in advance. Group orders have been instrumental for essential employees that are continuing their work in-person. Each order comes individually-wrapped and labeled with the employee’s name, and can all be charged to one company expense account.

Employee Gift Cards: Companies can show their appreciation by treating team members or clients to their favorite meal through DoorDash gift cards. With work going remote, there’s been an increase in demand to use DoorDash gift cards in the corporate setting as a morale boost, as a performance perk, or as a new business or client gift.