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Crunchbase Crunches $18 Million Series B


SAN FRANCISCO — Crunchbase, which tracks startups receiving venture funding worldwide, has raised its own $18 million Series B round led by Mayfield.

Crunchbase was spun out of news site TechCrunch from AOL in September of 2015 with a Series A financing led by Emergence Capital.

The company also announced the launch of Crunchbase Enterprise, a new premium offering for teams to access Crunchbase data. The company will use the new investment to grow its team and drive product development that will expand Crunchbase’s solutions as well as the breadth and depth of its data.

“Crunchbase has become the go-to destination for accurate and up-to-date company information for businesses all over the world,” said Crunchbase CEO Jager McConnell. “As we grow, hiring a diverse team will bring a variety of valuable perspectives into the business, which reflects the culture of Crunchbase. This will remain a focus of hiring as the company doubles in size in the next year. I’m inviting engineers from all backgrounds to text me at 415.881.8828 to find out more about joining our team.”

Crunchbase Enterprise, the company’s new premium product, is designed to help prioritize sales efforts and identify key buy signals in the market, enabling businesses to leverage the more than five million annual updates to Crunchbase’s dataset. Crunchbase Enterprise allows users to follow investment trends, identify growing industries, and supercharge sales and marketing efforts by discovering the companies that will be driving their business objectives and impacting their bottom line.

David Sternis of Deloitte said, “The quality and accessibility of Crunchbase data is second to none. We save an immense amount of time by using Crunchbase Enterprise to power our TechHarbor solution in order to stay on top of the innovation and startup landscapes. Our teams spend a fraction of the time they used to on research and market analysis and can prioritize focusing on providing strategic recommendations for our clients.”

Crunchbase already works with more than 5,000 global customers, including Affinity, Datafox, Datanyze, Deloitte, Engagio, Everstring, Infer, Microsoft, Nestle, Samsung, Slack, Target, Volkswagen, and IBM Watson.


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