Code Announces End of Life for the CR2600

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Code Corporation, a leader in the barcode scanning arena, today announced that their popular CR2600 healthcare scanner is being retired from their product line.

Introduced to the Code lineup in 2012, the CR2600 met with instant acclaim. Its lightweight and slim profile design made it a favored tool by the nurses and staff who used it for tracking and verifying the administration of medication to patients. With the CR2600 in use, medication errors within hospital facilities decreased dramatically. The scanner housing featured many bells and whistles requested by nursing staff including CodeShield® plastics, which is designed to withstand regular cleaning by harsh chemical disinfectants routinely used by hospitals and clinics.

In 2019, Code introduced the next generation of the CR2600; namely, the CR2700. This new product offered all the benefits of its predecessor, plus it added inductive charging, which eliminated any exposed metal components which could be subject to corrosion when soaked with cleaners. There will be a limited supply of CR2600 units available for the remainder of 2020, and depending on inventory levels at our distribution partners, there could be some availability into early next year, as the last time buy for our Distributors is set at February 28, 2021.

“The CR2600 has been a stalwart of the Code product list, and we are proud of the loyal following it has had,” said Code CEO Kent Hansen. “With the introduction last year of the CR2700, we have moved our healthcare scanning line to the next level and are offering our customers the ultimate in scanning excellence.”

For details on the end of life of the CR2600 and its impact on your organization, contact Code at 801-495-2200.

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