CBTS Announces Managed Threat Detection and Response Services Solution

  • Managed Threat Detection and Response Services Solution from CBTS helps clients that are struggling to identify threats and respond to attacks that place their organization’s assets at risk.
  • CBTS security experts provide monitoring and visibility across multiple environments, enabling clients to gain protection against casual and serious attackers.
  • CBTS provides experts who extend our clients’ teams to improve detection and disrupt threats, accelerating the ability to respond.

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CBTS, a leading technology provider that delivers communications, cloud, infrastructure, and ­consulting solutions to clients across North America, is pleased to announce the CBTS Managed Threat Detection and Response Services Solution.

The CBTS Managed Threat Detection and Response Services Solution provides the expertise businesses need to identify threats and respond more quickly with cutting-edge threat intelligence, expert defenders, and access to an always up-to-date platform. Context-relevant notifications are provided to businesses 24x7x365. Working in conjunction with partners, CBTS will collect, analyze, validate, report and respond to remediate vulnerabilities in real time, taking the burden off in-house IT and allowing those resources to focus on their core business.

Digital transformation and the recent shift to work-from-home has dissolved the traditional perimeter, increasing the vulnerability to attacks and resulting in a dramatic increase in phishing and other cybercrimes. The CBTS Managed Threat Detection and Response Services Solution provides a single security platform to provide 24x7 threat detection and incident response. This allows your business to:

  • Increase productivity of security owners.
  • Reduce attack impact on business and employee productivity.
  • Eliminate cost and management overheads of security tools.
  • Decrease risk of financial loss and reputational damage.

We understand that few organizations have the internal experts and infrastructure they need to protect their IT environments. Adding the Managed Threat Detection and Response Services Solution to our managed offerings is another important step in defending against breaches,” said Brandon Bowman, Vice President of Strategic Services for CBTS. “We have invested in a team of certified and experienced experts who can take over the day-to-day security responsibilities of our clients, enabling their in-house teams to focus on strategic objectives.”

To learn more about CBTS Managed Threat Detection and Response Services, please click this link.

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Josh Pichler
Senior Manager of Communications and Media Relations, Cincinnati Bell
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