Cannabis Company Loudpack Launches Unprecedented Counterfeit Prevention and Customer Loyalty Programs: Welcome to the King’s Club

Multi-Million Dollar Program to Help Prevent Bad Actors from Illegally Impersonating Award-Winning Kingpen Brand; Protect IP, Values, Heritage and Brand; and Reward Loyalty

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Loudpack, one of the leading privately held, vertically integrated cannabis companies in California, announced it will launch a new unprecedented, multi-million-dollar Counterfeit Prevention Program and Customer Loyalty Program at Hall of Flowers on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. Loudpack’s Kingpen Counterfeit Prevention and Customer Loyalty Programs are aimed at preventing counterfeiters from illegally impersonating the company’s award-winning Kingpen brand. The programs will also work to protect Loudpack’s intellectual property (IP), values, heritage and brand and reward customers for their loyalty as well as incentivize them to continue to purchase Kingpen products, which are only available through licensed, legal businesses in the State of California.

Recently, there have been reports questioning the quality and safety of certain vaping products. Loudpack has not, nor will it ever, dilute its products with additives such as medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG or PPG), Vitamin E Acetate, oil thickeners, oil thinners or vitamin oils, which counterfeiters are known to regularly use to dilute lesser quality products to increase their profit margins. Each year, Loudpack spends millions of dollars on individually testing its medical-grade products by an independent state-licensed lab. It also employs a team of quality control, compliance, scientists and engineers, who work to ensure the safety, quality and purity of its products, which the company fully stands behind.

“Our new Counterfeiting Prevention and Customer Loyalty Programs will be essential tools in helping ensure more consumers remain vigilant of the dangers of purchasing fake products from illegal sources, particularly as states like California work hard to shutdown its thriving illicit marketplace,” said Loudpack Vice President of Sales Danny Corral. “We are taking swift, immediate action to ensure consumers are aware of these dangers and to preserve the rights of our company and the long-term survival of our brands. We will continue enforcing our zero tolerance counterfeiting policy, and encourage others in the cannabis industry to implement the same high-quality product standards and best practices that we embrace to protect consumers and preserve the overall health of the emerging legal cannabis industry.”

Kingpen Counterfeit Prevention Program

The Kingpen Counterfeit Prevention Program includes a new customized authentication sticker utilizing Izon® 3D imaging*, an industry leading and highly secure visual verification technology from De La Rue Authentication Solutions, known as the Kingpen Izon® Label. Kingpen updated its hardware with a newly designed mouthpiece that replaces the old stainless-steel hex-shaped mouthpiece with a new hardened-ceramic mouthpiece that is similar to the company’s Loudpack and Honey Pot brands. Loudpack also increased Kingpen’s airflow to surpass consumer expectations, took the number of oil intake holes from two to five and streamlined its oil intake holes for quicker and more complete absorption into the coil and better flavor with every pull.

The King’s Club Customer Loyalty Program

The new King’s Club Customer Loyalty Program rewards customers for their ongoing support, patronage, loyalty and for purchasing products from state-licensed, legal cannabis businesses. Upon purchasing new Kingpen products with the Kingpen Izon® Label, customers will be able to verify their products by scanning their product’s unique QR code, which can be found on the Kingpen Izon® Label. Customers can use their mobile phone to enter the scratched off QR code or by manually entering it via, which will redirect users to, where customers can set up their King’s Club Customer Loyalty Program account and begin earning Club Points. Upon entering the unique scratch off code, customers will begin to accrue Club Points, which can be used to purchase a variety of merchandise such as hoodies, hats and other branded accessories.

Since launching in 2014, Loudpack’s Kingpen brand has been a leading cannabis vape brand dedicated to producing the most premium and pure cannabis products. Loudpack manufactures and distributes more than 30 different Kingpen products throughout California. All of Loudpack’s Kingpen oil is made at its $75 million state-of-the-art facility located in Greenfield, California to ensure complete quality control. The company’s Kingpen products also use purposefully engineered hardware using customized machinery and leveraging Loudpack’s passion for distillation processes that deliver only the highest quality vape products. For more information, visit,,,, or on Instagram at

About Loudpack

Loudpack is a leading privately held, vertically integrated cannabis company in California. Loudpack’s family of companies and joint ventures include: a cannabis brand marketing and sales company focused on showcasing an award-winning portfolio of brands suited for every type of consumer; one of the largest cannabis manufacturing facilities, which is setting the industry standard for quality, efficiency, and innovation; Loudpack Distribution, which is ensuring retailers in the world’s largest cannabis market has product on their shelves for customers every day; Humboldt Partner Group, a cannabis sourcing brokerage that operates directly with over 400 of California’s top craft growers that ensures that all partner crops are processed and delivered to top brand manufacturing facilities; and a retail joint venture between Loudpack, GREENWOLF LA and Pink Dot that is creating a cannabis flagship mega-store featuring retail, on site consumption and delivery located in the heart of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California. Together, Loudpack is uniting its companies, brands and partnerships around a single bold vision: to forge the most creative, influential, and commercially successful cannabis brands in North America. For more information, visit,,,, or follow us on Instagram at

*Izon® is a registered trademark of De La Rue LLC.


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