Bonitasoft Announces New Low-code Collaboration Tools for Digital Process Automation

Bonita platform offers pre-built examples, one-click deployment for automation projects

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Bonita--Bonitasoft, provider of the leading open-source digital process automation (DPA) platform, today announced that the Bonita platform is now available with advanced low-code features that permit better collaboration between citizen developers and professional developers.

New developments in Bonita 7.10 allow citizen developer and professional developers to create Bonita automation projects faster: anyone can begin a project in Bonita Studio using provided project examples and Living application templates. There are templates for both classic BPM process-based apps and Adaptive Case Management non-structured processes. New features in the UI Designer offer more drag-and-drop UI elements wrapped around APIs, which aids both front-end web developers and citizen developers. The UI can be configured to display business data without deep technical understanding of how to correctly configure APIs, yet is still flexible enough to be custom configured by front-end developers.

Deployment of a Bonita project has been made simpler, using a low-code approach to deploy a project directly from Bonita Studio to the embedded portal and “test in one click.” This helps support a fast iteration for continuous improvements. It offers the capability to immediately deploy and test a current project as any category of end user (task manager, application owner, sysadmin, customer, anonymous user, etc), as they can access all of the project’s user profiles easily in the portal to test as that type of user.

Bonita Cloud, which was released earlier this year and being continuously improved, includes Bonita Continuous Delivery (also available as an add-on) to accelerate continuous delivery of Bonita applications.

To increase visibility for insights to improve business processes, Bonita now allows a finely tuned event-based monitoring of platform execution, compatible with new standards like Prometheus. In addition, extended AI algorithms in the Bonita Intelligent Continuous Improvement add-on mine live application process data and show trends, to help operations managers identify targets for continuous improvement.

“With the Bonita platform and its add-ons, we are offering more options that empower citizen developers in specific ways, not to create full freestanding enterprise apps, but rather to be able to collaborate more effectively with the developers, DevOps, and system administrators, and others in the automation project technical team,” said Miguel Valdes Faura, Bonitasoft CEO. “Digital process automation is a team effort, and we’re empowering the humans in the loop with low-code tools and assists where it makes good sense to do so.”


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