BASE10 and DNA Link COVID-19 Antibody Test Yields Promising Results

DNA Link’s Serology Test Showed High Degree of Sensitivity and Specificity for Detecting COVID-19 IgG Antibodies

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BASE10 Genetics, Inc. (BASE10) announced the results of an independent study that showed 95% sensitivity and 100% specificity for SARS-Co-V-2 IgG antibodies using AccuFind© COVID-19 IgG test by DNA Link, Inc. The study was performed at John Hopkins University.

BASE10 offers a COVID-19 Tracking and Recovery Program that assists employers in launching testing and monitoring strategies for COVID-19. The company has been working to incorporate antibody testing to track the full life cycle of SAR-Co-V-2.

“Having a reliable COVID-19 antibody test solution is important to our clients in understanding how the virus has affected their specific population. Our team and DNA Link have worked hard these past months to reach this important milestone,” says Dr. Michael Fang, BASE10 CEO.

The two companies now plan additional studies with a selected number of BASE10 clients to further meet regulatory compliance and improve clinical usability. “We want to work very closely with regulatory bodies in everything we do, while making sure good tests are available to patients and their providers at the right place and time,” says Elizabeth Freund, BASE10’s VP of Innovation.

“Trust is a valuable commodity in these times of uncertainty, and we are committed to proving the scientific rigor of AccuFind COVID-19 IgG,” says Dr. Jun Eun Lee, CEO of DNA Link. “We look forward to continuing to gain traction with BASE10 on this important mission.”

About BASE10 Genetics, Inc.

BASE10 is a precision medicine company based in Chicago. BASE10’s proprietary platform identifies precision diagnostics technologies with high potential for improving health outcomes, and turns the technologies into turnkey disease management platform to be deployed at scale for insurance payors.

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