Assurance Software Announces Embedded Notifications for Powering Rapid Response and Recovery

Enhanced Capability Simplifies, Streamlines and Speeds Emergency Notifications

AUDUBON, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Assurance Software, Inc. today announced the availability of Embedded Notifications within AssuranceCM, part of the Assurance Continuity Suite, to help organizations better face dynamic and evolving threats. With Embedded Notifications, risk management teams can manage autonomous call lists, and create, edit and send emergency notifications, track recipient status and view message history, directly from within AssuranceCM. Unlike other business continuity management planning (BCMP) systems, AssuranceCM, with Embedded Notifications, provides a seamless experience for incident and crisis teams when activating response and recovery efforts.

“Now, more than ever, risk-focused teams are doing everything they can to prepare for emerging threats,” said Craig Potts, Chief Executive Officer of Assurance Software. “With Embedded Notifications, organizations can simplify their incident and crisis procedures, reduce training requirements, and increase confidence in their response and recovery capabilities. Risk-focused teams can put themselves into an action-stance, an ever-ready state of organizational preparedness for effective response to any threat.”

AssuranceCM Embedded Notifications delivers the following benefits:

  • Simplified contact groups across planning, incident and crisis management using autonomous call lists, which can be incorporated into multiple continuity plans and deployed for various incident and crisis needs
  • Reduced training requirements and faster response by leveraging a unified interface for conducting all risk assessment, continuity planning, and response & recovery activities
  • Flexible and configurable notifications based on traditional corporate groups, event-related groups, and ad hoc groups as needed for specific situations
  • Detailed real-time recipient status tracking and message logging for tracing delivery and aiding continuous improvement

Embedded Notifications will be demonstrated at the Assurance booth #611 at the DRJ conference in Phoenix, AZ, September 29 – October 1, 2019. Learn more here.

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Scot McLeod
Vice President, Global Marketing