AS&E Denied Preliminary Injunction, Viken Investigating AS&E

BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Viken Detection, a pioneer of x-ray imaging and analytical devices and systems, commented on the recent loss by American Science & Engineering, Inc. (AS&E), a division of OSI Systems in its lawsuit against Viken:

AS&E’s lawsuit seems aimed at clouding the reputation of Viken and its CTO Peter Rothschild, falsely depicting Viken’s use of an open-source software interface as IP misappropriation. Last week, the judge rejected this attempt, denied AS&E any preliminary relief, and ruled that AS&E could not show “a likelihood of success on the merits of demonstrating a protected trade secret.”

Viken is now investigating claims that AS&E caused further damage to Viken:

  • Viken is currently suing Videray Technologies, alleging that Videray’s CEO (a former Viken employee) walked away with Viken’s designs and other confidential information, including wrapping a Viken HBI-120 in a 3D-printed shell to pass off the product as its own.
  • Videray’s defense generated several statements that AS&E asserted in its failed injunction effort and continues to raise despite repeated discoveries of further Videray wrongdoing.
  • Shortly after Viken linked the IP address of Videray’s CEO to a hacking attempt on Viken, which (citing his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination) he has not denied, Videray’s CEO offered up evidence of AS&E as a back-room supporter of his case with a keen interest in hurting Viken.

“Viken is perplexed that AS&E would even bring a case like this one, based on transparently false allegations and clearly unreliable testimony,” stated Jim Ryan, CEO of Viken. “We are now investigating AS&E in light of this lawsuit and the Videray CEO’s allegations against them.” He continued: “Stopping drug trafficking at the southern border is not a game. CBP is preparing to make unprecedented decisions on technologies that will impact the flow of illicit drugs for decades to come. Viken will not let anyone or anything undermine its role in that mission.”

About Viken Detection

Viken Detection provides enabling security imaging and material identification solutions that help law enforcement and safety inspection professionals keep the public safe from drug trafficking, terrorism and other hazardous threats. The company’s innovative products, the Osprey-UVXTM (under vehicle scanner), HBI-120TM and Nighthawk-HBITM (handled imagers) and Pb200iTM (lead-paint analyzer), are the recognized leaders in their markets. Viken Detection is headquartered just northwest of Boston, in Burlington Massachusetts. For more information, visit


Jennifer Webb
Coltrin & Associates