Venture Funding

Appvance Reins In $5 Million Series B

SUNNYVALE —, a provider of AI-driven test automation software, has secured $5 million in series B funding. The company has raised a total of $12 million to develop and deploy its AI-driven test technology across the world, helping engineering teams make application testing autonomous and continuous as part of their agile and DevOps cycles.

Appvance IQ’s patent-pending machine learning technologies hold the speed record for legitimate data-driven script creation at 6000 unique scripts created in under 10 minutes. This is several thousand times faster than humans can write test scripts in any language or create using any other test software, with or without AI.

Appvance IQ seamlessly integrates with popular tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, TFS, GIT, Jira and many others to execute deep continuous testing at every build and every deployment. The artificial intelligence capabilities are available today for web-based applications (and mobile web) with all modern libraries (HTML5, AJAX, Angular 1 & 2, ReactJS, KendoUI, Polymer, ShadowDOM and more.)

“The influx of new investors and funding will be used to grow our implementation engineering team to support our clients as they expand the use of Appvance IQ across their enterprise” said Kevin Surace, CEO of Appvance. “We love our customers, and they love us back. While we have been inundated with requests since we launched the system, we continue to focus on large enterprises who have the resources and motivation to make major changes to their QA processes.”