Apple Sells 78.29 Million iPhones in First Quarter


iphone7Apple Inc. reported strong sales of 78,290,000 iPhones in its fiscal first quarter, up 5% from last year. The company earned $53.4 billion in iPhone sales alone for the first quarter.

Sales of Apple’s iPad tablet continued to decline. Apple sold 13,081,000 iPads in the first quarter, down 19% from a year ago.

The company did see a slight increase in iMac sales including its notebooks with 5,374,000 sold in the first quarter, up 1%. Sales were likely boosted with the introduction of the new Macbook Pro in November.

Apple reported $7.1 billion in revenue from services which includes Digital Content and Services, AppleCare, Apple Pay, licensing and other services. This was up 18% from a year ago.

Other revenue for Apple was $4.0 billion in the quarter. This figure includes sales of Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats products, iPod and Apple-branded and third-party accessories. This number was actually down 8%.

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