ActiveRain Interviews SetSchedule’s Roy Dekel About the Changing Roles for Real Estate Agents in Coming Years

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ActiveRain’s new article features Roy Dekel in a candid interview about how he sees the roles of real estate agents shifting in the future. A contrarian at heart, Roy argues that technology will never replace the real estate agent. Instead, he advocates for enhancing agent’s business efficiency through thoughtful implementation and incorporation of technology and virtual collaboration tools.

“We are in a technology revolution. It is only natural that when things change and there are more efficient and effective ways to operate that the industry changes as well to continue to remain competitive,” says Roy. “As technology creates changes in the way real estate agents operate and even communicate with clients, you will never take the personal touch out of the relationship because it is still a very service-oriented business. So while technology may create a dynamic change in operation, the business will always remain about people.”

Roy co-founded SetSchedule with his partner, Udi Dorner, in 2014 as the means to revolutionize how agents connect with homeowners, home shoppers, and industry professionals. SetSchedule offers a patented virtual lead marketplace in which agents, teams and brokers can acquire leads on-demand from multiple vendors and service them in a virtual ecosystem of easy to use SaaS solutions. SetSchedule is committed to developing innovative real estate technology in order to increase business efficiency for agents while also upgrading the standards of service homeowners and buyers can expect from local qualified agents. The result is a shortened sales cycle, more efficient agents and satisfied clients.

SetSchedule recently announced plans to roll out a new product that will be uniting all real estate and ancillary professionals, such as designers, lenders and maintenance contractors. With this new platform, users will be able to share recommendations, suggestions, job opportunities and tips and tricks of the trade. Additionally, SetSchedule hosts a marketing platform called SetAds which allows brands to control how their brand is seen and discover and interpret meaningful patterns in consumer data. Leveraging current users, brands can maneuver past competitors that dominate the market in order to boost brand awareness.

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